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March 02, 2010


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Judith Caspa Foyabo

Well written once again my dear Dr. J, I love the piece and I am proud to be a 'Sakerrat' and I echo Madam Prez "AMEN"!

Dolly Lambe

You could not make us (ExSSA-Dallas and ExSSA-USA as a whole) more proud of your exquisite use of the English language. Your gift, knowledge and abilities to capture a whole evening of love, elegance and unity in a narrative like this with limited words is one to be reckoned with. Our heart felt thanks to you and to all our, Patrons and Sisters in support of us and our Alma Mata, Saker Baptist College. Proud to be a "Sakeratte" and proud to be in a band of Sisterhood like ExSSA-USA.

Chief Bisong Etahoben

As a proud senior Cameroonian citizen who loves his wife dearly, I felt slighted by your sweeping generalisation of the attitude of Cameroonian men towards their wives. And this on the basis of a foreign norm - "Valentine's Day" which has no bearing in our traditional Cameroonian (African) society. Granted we were even to measure our love towards our wives through the Valentine's Day prism, not everybody would want to do it from a hilltop. Otherwise, yours was a well written piece.

Egbe Mbiwan Monjimbo

A popular hymn exhorts us to "count our blessings, name them one by one". Reading an article like the one above just explains why my fellow Sakerettes and I have never been able to comply with that exhortation! How could we possibly list every missionary, every principal, every staff member, pastor or cook who played a significant role in the "molding process" that has produced the PHENOMENAL WOMEN Sakerettes are? Worse still, where would we find the time it would take to go through a "litany" of ALL our sisters' names from class of 1967 to class of 2010 - and counting, given the fact that EACH ONE of them IS a BLESSING in and of themselves??!! Heard of "Jesus loves me, this I know"? Now that's a hymn that resonates better with Sakerettes - for OBVIOUS reasons!!

Irmhild Tamen McNnane

Very beautifully written, Joycie! (Comme toujours!)

Angel Asobo

This piece is well written,candid and oh so true of this outstanding sisterhood I am proud to belong to. They are trailblazers. While public display of affection is nothing new to our men, this behavior needs to be sustained in private as well. To that I say every day is valentine's day. Amen? Joyce, I am looking forward to a collaboration between you, Egbe Monjimbo and Patience Fielding for a best seller. The topic, no brainer.....about the chronicles of Exssa-USA.

Lizzy Bronte

Excellent write-up sis Joyce.You took me to Dallas and back and i still felt myself wanting to read more even after there was really nothing else to read.
Your use of the language is unbeatable and i am glad i share something in common with you (Saker Baptist College)
Keep writing and feeding our souls,we are truly blessed to have a gifted sister like you.


Nice article...but I find nothing special about Valentine's day.If one loves one's spouse one should profess their love for them daily and this should go both ways.I find nothing in your article about the women professing their love for their husbands likewise!!

joyce Ashuntantang

Thanks. Your comments about Valentine's day are true but you know things are easily said than done. Also, the women did give gifts as well, but we know that because of cultural stereotypes (especially African) it is not considered "manly" for men to show emotion, so it makes news when they do so openly.

joyce Ashuntantang

@Judith. Thanks.

joyce Ashuntantang

@Dolly, You guys made the content easy. I had fun writing this. Kudos again to you and your crew!

joyce Ashuntantang

@Chief Besong Etahoben, Thanks for visiting my site and as always I appreciate your comments. This article only intimated that Men rarely come out to show their emotion, but during this occasion they did...there was no "sweeping generalization" And chief, sometimes women want to hear it from the hilltops...even if it is once in a blue moon...

joyce Ashuntantang

@Sis Egbe, now I will never listen to or sing "Jesus loves me" the same again (You know what I mean)...and the blessings, we may spend the rest of our lives counting!

joyce Ashuntantang

@Irmhild. Merci ma souer (Comme Toujours!)

joyce Ashuntantang

@Sis Angel...I hear you! Our hope is that the public display is a symbol of what is within.....

joyce Ashuntantang

@Lizzy- Thanks. I am humbled.

joyce Ashuntantang

@ Angel. Thanks. The chronicles will see the light of day, someday soon!

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