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March 19, 2010


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Really enjoyed adesanmi's hilarious, black-humoured piece, apart from that idomatic wars/shocks of euphemisms/correctese vs the shorn/blunt spontaneities that the writer maps, i especially was intrigued by the very aesthetic meanness of refusing to check up the origin of the name "Indian Heads" for the benign fear that truth may contradict his imagination...a damn good one really, for lace intrigues more than nudity...even if the writer prefers the nudity of lgge to the lace of euphemisms!

Nyamndi George

Enjoyed the piece thoroughly. It tells us just what fertile space the human mind is and how easily slur anchors in it. There is nothing like a name to name the unnamable. Africa too has its own geographical Condoms and Intercourses, but also its own human other such names.
Maybe Professor Adesanmi could continue his column. We'd appreciate it enormously.

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