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April 24, 2010


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Ayuk Arrey

Evai ne Eru. Just by looking at it on the plate,i'm already magneted towards it.
Thank you very much for making me to see this delicious meal after many years of no sight nor smell.

"Go Fufu and Eru"
Lets thank God for this Delicious Meal.

Dr A A Agbormbai

"This suggested that
dependence of communities on this diet for supply of their daily needs may partly be responsible for
the reported prevalence of malnutrition in these areas."

This is complete bull!

This paper may have performed a good analysis of the nutritive components of 'water fufu and eru' but the interpretation of the results is very wanting.

The Manyu people have been eating fufu and eru for as long as anyone can remember and NEVER suffered from malnutrition. To the contrary, in spite of the poverty, they have looked strong, healthy, and mentally alert.

It is only now that other tribes are eating it that suddenly it can be blamed for the cause of malnutrition.

In Mamfe, we were very poor. We couldn't afford meat except at Christmas. Our diet was usually cassava, (occasionally plantains,) fufu, eru, mbia, okongobong soup, egusi, koki, and a few other items I may have forgotten. This is a very vegetarian diet, and we ate usually once a day.

As kids we complained all day for eating practically the same thing and for not having meat (we particularly hated cassava). Yet we were fit, sound, and could withstand farm work, and carry heavy loads from the farm or forest to our home (a distance of miles).

In spite of these, I maintained my mental alertness and was unbeatable at CPC Bali.

Now, is this the story of a person who suffered from malnutrition because of eating eru and other vegetables?

I think these researchers should look for other causes of malnutrition in the country, and stop blaming fufu and eru.

Daniel Agbor

You forgot "tanchot soup", "etasi soup", "mpkong me nghaà". The ace bayang wresler; EKO ate this stuff during his childhood, he didnt suffer any malnutrition, else, he wouldnt have ventured into the wrestling field. Tataw eta stephen, Ndip-Akem Victor, Agbor Tabi, The leggendary B B and others showed no signs of malnutrition in their various fields.
As Dr. Agborbai insinuated, the scientific analysis and contents of "Akpu-/fufu and eru/okasi was "scientificaly correct", the conclusion was literary watery like "Achu soup.
Long live Cassava,viva eru, grace to FUFU & ERU

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