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May 09, 2010


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Chris Akum Mota

Joice, I sincerely believe, this Miss Sanchez dug where others ignore. There are and will always be other Vic Pungongs ,waved aside summarily because they originate from the 'uncivlised continent'. I am proud you indirectly or directly set the ball rolling in this direction of recognizing wat Africans are able to do to world peace. Hope Miss Sanchez explores Victor's life and let the world know who he was, what he was able to achieve in his short life span. ( I am proud because this guy went to Primary school in my native Batibo and has always been treated as son of the soil there)
I am sure you shall not let Miss Sanchez "earn the grades, and then store the scripts in her drawer"
Congratulations for the course of your journey.
Mota Chris Akum, High School classmate , Mbengwi, 83-85

Mrs. No Balance

Influence is not taking a bat to someone's head; it's making them use their mind like an umbrella on a rainy day and they have to step outside! Keep up the great work!

henry ngale monono

Dear Ms Ashutangtang,
I found your writing fresh and original. Your style is arresting and compelling.You use the the broken and uninhibited style and language of your student as the vehicle through which we all get to know Pungong a man who was "too good". We empathise with her as she remembers her own father who also died a painful death. We see the milk of human kindness flowing in this write up as it becomes abundantly clear that humanity has suffred the loss of a great soul.

Adeyemi Coker

Dear Dr. Ashutangtang,
This dialogue/narrative you shared is a clear demonstration of the root of education (edu-ca-reh from the latin to bring forth). Your teaching style (taken outside of the classroom) has empowered your student, you allowed her to bring forth that, which is part of her, and I am confident you have changed her life (the mark of a teacher). God bless you for sharing this experience, and may all you do in this journey of academia be an edifying blessing to all who chance your path. May the work of Victor Pungong resonate with all peace loving advocates. Now I must read more about him - thank you for the lesson. In peace and fraternal regards, Adeyemi


Mine was a short Internet journey to your United Palace of Stories (UPS). I came from the Village headed by the creator of "Mouth Sweeter than Salt". The village where United States is in dialogue with Africans. As soon as I arrived the front yard of UPS, I was greeted by a smiling pretty professor one sees only in dreams. I was still holding the part of the story that brought me to your UPS when again I had to move. On the same front yard I noticed that Professor 'come before" also has his story below yours. How nice...

JK Bannavti

The dialoguial quality of this piece reminds me of the typical interchange I could have had at the Bronx Community College in the City University of New York with one of the students some time ago, only the choice of topic would have been different.
You have carved out a slate on which a clearly ambitious Miss Sanchez, inhibitted by a perceived linguistic barrier, discovers her research and writing resources; she dramatically uncovers a genius and an unsung hero, Victor Pungong, and places him on the pantheon of humanist leaders the world will forever miss.
It is a touching story of instructional guidance, self discovery, faith and loss that would not have come alive easily without the simplistic complicity of Miss Sanchez.
Are you done with the final copy? Send it to me right now!
JK Bannavti

Dr. Henry T. Kimeng

Dear Dr. Joyce

i stumbled on your write-up on english 110 by error and it carried me to several pages of yours. infact i am grateful that through such an assignment we could make people know more about our own heroes. He was my senior in PSS Mankon and i still cannot fanthom the tragedy that befell all of us who knew him. Will also visit the net to read about my bossom friend.

your write-ups make interesting reading

Roki of Shanghai

Last year while in Cameroon, I'd drive pass right in front of the Pungong's family home and each time, I'd see Dr. Victor Pungong's grave from the road, a voice would remind me of the unharnessed brains and talents that lay cold below the mount of earth. Wish he could have lived longer.

Mr. E   Sama

Thanks Dr Joyce for this compelling literary device.
I cannot help but remember the young and intelligent Victor I taught in form five PSS Mankon in 1982/83. He and classmates were the pioneer batch of the young school. His untimely demise remains a big loss to humanity. May his soul continue to rest eternally at the Lord's bosom.


... very inspiring! Thanks, Doc.

Rachelle Tita big sster, dr J.
Waking up this Saturday morning to your email on Bebe Manga,.....took me down a path I thought I had accepted . Reading about Victor in the eyes of your student., brought back painful memories of what we once had, hoped to be and's been really hard. What can I say husband lost a brother, friend, confidant and I lost my hope for a new and brighter world. With Victor all seemed possible.....his untimely death remains a difficult conclusion. Thanks to your student, I found a new project to keep our friend's vision and work alive. May Your works and impact on humanity continue to be that pillar for generations to come.
It remains tomorrow"


Thanks Rachel. Victor's death will rremain for me a moment in time! I finally got the privilege to visit his grave about ten days ago on July 24th. Let us continue to celebrate his legacy!!

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