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May 29, 2010


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Joyce you have so beautifully captured Endum's amazing story. This is truly a story that needs to be shouted out from the roof tops. She makes us all so proud, not just of her achievements, but for those who know her, the beautiful character and humility that she displays every day. We can only pray that the Lord will continue to watch over her and guide her according to his divine purpose for her life. To Martha and Mathias, well done!

Mojoko Ewusi

I am still in awe of Endum's brilliant or is it "extra brilliant" achievement. Her humility is beyond compare. God Bless her dedicated parents. God Bless Saker Baptist College and all those who have supported her through this journey.

Mathias Teke

With sincere gratitude, we Thank you Dr. Ashutantang for writing about Endum, and thinking it is a story worth writing. We also use this forum to Thank all those who have participated in Endum's life. By the grace of God and the help of our community, we hope she will continue moving forward.

Thanks again
Have a blessed day
The Teke family

Erick Elung

This article could not be written any better.Endum has unmatchable qualities that are rare to find.She will continue to break records and make everyone proud.

Dolly Lambe

Dr. J, the capture in words of who Endum is, her personality, her brilliance, her strengths, her fear and love of GOD and family and her unfailing focus to succeed could not be stated any better than you have outlined in this article. The vision and dedication of Mathias and Martha are one to be reckoned with and applauded. May our good Lord continue to bless Endum and her entire family, Saker Baptist College and all present and past teachers/principals as well as ExSSAs all over the world.

Judith Foyabo

Well done Endum, may the Good Lord continue to guide your every step. Kudos to your parents and thanks Dr. J. for spreading the word, it's story worth telling!

Pat Nkweteyim

Dr J,
Thank you so much for such a wonderful write-up. It is so inspiring. We wish Endum more of God's grace as she journeys academically to higher heights. May God bless her parents for the foresight, courage and support to this wonderful daughter of ours.

Endum, the Lord is your strength. Remain focused and even the sky will not be your limit. Martha and Mathias, more elbow grease!


Congratulations my dear lady.
I am proud of your achievement. This story really excites me because myself, I trained as a Nurse and later Nurse Anesthetist and today I am in med school.
Maintain your level of determination and remember to continue to exercise humility in the midst of this stunning achievement and I can assure that you will go places.
God bless you and your supportive parents.

Mbu Waindim

Endum!...Represent oh...I'm very proud of you and praying for more successes as you proceed! I love that form 1 picture!!!

aurore jumuka

Dear, its really a great encouragement and keep it up ,God is strongly on your side and take care not to leave his side

TAPANG Joan Nkweteyim (ExSSA)

It's an amazing success story and one children and parents should learn from. Never say never. With God on your side, faith in Him and determination to succeed all mountains can always become like pebbles on the sea shore to walk on.
This is a story of humility, faith in God and determination we can copy from. Glory to God!!
Congratulations to all three great Ms!!


Endum is such a humble and insightful young woman, wise beyond her years. To think, she did not even tell me about this article, I stumbled upon it. She is such a passionate lover of Jesus, and I am sure that He will continue to lead her to greater heights. I am blessed to know her and look forward to seeing what is in store for the future!
P.S. The joy and beauty of the Teke Family is made very evident in the last photograph!

Belinda Babila

Endum dear, i remember telling you to hang in there and be strong. That of course which you did. I remember telling you nursing school is not easy but very doable . Am sincerely proud of you and really happy for you and your parents. I look forward to your MD degree in just a bit dear.May the good Lord be your angel guardian as u take this academic journey.keep up ur faith. much love
Belinda Babila RN BSN
AGGIE from A &, M laredo tx.

Ayuketah Eleanor

Martha! this is lovely! Keep it up! You are a source of inspiration to many! GOD Bless You Richly!! Amen!!

Simon Etta

Dr. J, this is well written. I read this piece and craved for more. I have heard so much about Martha. My kids left the USA, and met her in Saker some years ago. She is so inspiring and hardworking. Keep it up Martha, you are a role model to many. God bless.

Senge Elany Balimba

I am very proud to say that I know Ms Endum personally and this article described her accomplishments..We are very proud of her and as a fellow Sakerette it is such an honor whenever we hear of one of our own who is so well accomplished..Keep up the good work Endum and we know you will get that admission into Harvard..Thank you Sister Joyce for taking the time to write this article..

Esther Ngonda

What a wonderful story,god will continue be on your side my dear child.Thanks for all the time you spent over the phone to orient Jessica.My dear sky is the you aunty Ngonda.


What a greatness,we from the cameroons are proud of you.Stay focused and God will see you through---RESPECT.

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