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November 25, 2010


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Barbara Gwanmesia

Nawetin na Joyce! you want kill me with this type of really downright good stuff? Girl you got it going. I object to being subjected to such uncontrollable ectasy. It can't be legal to have such pleasure. See, I don't know whether to write in pidgin or in English. If you keep this up, I will resort to Mungaka. So be warned, my dearest Joyce.

Charles A. Masango

Gloria, you make me proud. The basket of flaming ashes brought tears down my jaws when you gave that piece on "WINTER". We shall one day return and tell the stories about winter in the land where we shall never see winter again. God bless.

Charles A. Masango

I'm sorry for putting your face on your elder sister. I meant Joyce and not Gloria. Laugh!!!

N. Julio Barthson

Joycie, when will u open ur page 2 start receiving ads? I wanna earn commissions bringing businesses here bcoz ur material is THICK! I like am too much oooh , Docta Ash! Killing us softly with these words...


Joyce I beg bring this group for Cameroon.

Anita Balinga-Etta

Joyce this is the bomb!I enjoyed this very much; you bring so much life to the poetry with the music, the dancing, the cultural imagery, the way you read it etc. Great piece of work. I need to get my copy.
Bless you,

joyce Ashuntantang

@ Barbara: and mungaka it shall be. Because when you get baffled by languages at the tip of your tongue it is called the holy spirit experience and in the arts it takes an initiated ONE like you to experience it. I am indeed humbled that I brought you to the brink of such pleasure. Thanks Barbs!

joyce Ashuntantang

@ Charles. Thanks for the compliments. I definitely laughed when I read "Gloria", but she is sister who continues to inspire me, so in effect I am glad to be connected to her.

joyce Ashuntantang

@Langmia. It is in the works. Thanks.

joyce Ashuntantang

@ Julio. Just go ahead and bring the ads ohhhhhhh. I de wait. Thanks man, for the wind beneath my wings. I feel the surge of energy!

joyce Ashuntantang

@Anita. Thanks my dear. It was indeed a fun evening!

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