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January 06, 2011


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Wow Joyce. Reading from you is always like openning the window and looking out to the morning sun. Very refreashing. Filling. I felt like I was there with you and your dear cousin Joan. I can feel her gentle persona. thanks for sharing and may she rest in peace.

Tanyi Tambe

This is a perfect recount!!! I wish I could muster the same strength and tact to recount 25 years of a 'cousin-friend' relationship I had with Joan. So so touchy--the pain, the aspirations, the prayers and fasting with her sister here in Italy- We thank you O great God and rever you, because you are supreme!
My beloved Joan, Rest in Peace!


This is what we call a heart to heart with your own. These rare experiences only happen to a few of us and then only a rare few can share it in such an enlightening way. Just to add to the gifts from Joan, is God's of writing/communication. That is why my face was covered in tears by the time I got to the middle of this story.
May her soul rest in peace.


Inspirational! Divinely driven to say goodbye. If only many of us listened to the little voice speaking to us daily. Your cousin is peacefully resting in the hands of God! Courage to you and more grace to your elbows.

Mbone Ngalame

Wow! What a gift! What a blessing! How great is our God, to chose you to go through this experience!! I am in awe and speechless! May her soul rest in eternal peace! May you continue to use this gift to touch many others in places unimaginable! God bless you Sis Joyce!

Mammie Nguty Ngassam

Weh Batuo ! Why make me cry like this??

What a beautiful mind you've got !!

Thank you Darling...... I cry because I have truely owned this piece !! Thanks for writing for me, what I should have written some 10years ago when my Sister passed.....Didn't have the words nor notion of such a piece of beauty.

What a wonderful gift to her Husband.

Que la terre de ces ancetres lui sois legere !!
Ashia mami !! Ashia !!

ursula Tamen

Batuo, may the soul of ur cousin rest in peace. you really made me cry because i would have loved to be in this type of a position when i lost my son to give to him that last love before he died. You are blest to have being there for her at that time. Thanks for sharing and may God give you strength to carry on her memory. Ashia Batuo.

Wasse Efimba

Dear Batuo,

I am so sorry for your loss but grateful for your loving disposition to Joan which I found inspiring and liberating! Thank you for sharing your experience. Please extend my condolence to her husband and family. Ashia.

Love Wasse

Victor Kima

Joyce, your tribute to Mbockayah made me cry although I was a witness to her pain and courage all along.Your gift for words made more vivid, something I only had a feeling for and always took for granted-family bonds. When I got into that hospital room and saw you sitting by herside, I felt very gratified and like you something new was born in me.Thanks for letting the world know that Mbockayah was surrounded by her family (in-laws and blood) right upto the last minute.
Victor Kima


Hi Madam Joyce. Please accept my deepest sympathy on this loss. Yet again "BREAST CANCER". What is this that mankind cannot solve. It's almost becoming a death sentence once detected. I have lost a few family and friends cos of this same illness!!!! Well Ashia. Your tribute is very emotional. May your cousin find solace in God and bring comfort to her Hussy and family. May she Rest in Peace. AMEN

Agbor Charles

Well done you. You are all( including Joan, christy etc) a credit to your tribe.

Irmagard Langmia

Joyce, what a touching experience! You always bring in that touch of a theatrical performance even when death is so near at hand. Joan's spirit is currently singing with the choir of angels in heaven already.I know that the lovely prayers that you shared with her in her last moments will abide in your memory forever. Isn't death always a stark reminder of the reality of our lives and a vivid revival of the memory of loved ones who have gone before us? May Joan's soul rest in perfect peace. I will remember her in my prayers Joyce.

Love always,
Irmagard Langmia

Anita Balinga-Etta

Joyce, what can we humans say and do when faced with the inevitability of death? Ashu was telling me about his classmate whose wife passed around Christmas and I did not realize that this was Dorothy's and your cousin, hence my in-law. Ashu called my Mom yesterday who said my dad and brother were in Kumba for this and then I made all the connections. As the song says, this world is not our home. She has re-united with her creator; may she rest in peace. I know you will always cherish the time you spent; take heart my dear.


Joyce, what a privilege you had to soothe a traveler. Knowing that everything you did was going to be one-of-a-kind. The unique drives to the hospital and airport, the sacred vigil of wonders and wishes, and the timely catching-up stories of siblings interactions... all to acknowledge that blood runs deep. Dry your tears because...

The hand of time stands still when it is captured in your heart. It could be here, but it chooses to be there.

The hand of time stands still when it is captured by you. It could be dark, but you brought the light.

The hand of time stands still when it is in the lens. You wish for it to move, but you captured the frame already.

The hand of time stands still when a rose is juxtaposed. It could be moved, but fuss not a petal.

The hand of time stands still when the hues align. It could be caressed, but scratch not a fingernail.

The hand of time stands still when the company is good. The rings, for companionship... like a crystal ball, she must have looked at them.

The hand of time stands still when blood runs deep down. Yes, it did... for old time's sake.

In addition to her painted fingernails which, by the way, must have looked so good in her vehicle, you also gave her the gift of bravery that supported her travel to home eternal. At the end, you helped dressing her in flying colors and support was all that mattered. May her hands of time rest in peace as her heart finds solace.

Mola E of Mosole


Very sobering, yet uplifting piece that hits one between the eyes, stuns, grabs one by the scruff of the neck and forces one to squarely face the human condition. One cannot miss the love that shines through it all! Your unflinching look at our common destiny teaches us how to live, and how to love in all circumstances...and even how to die. But then, at the end of the day, this message pierces the gloom and doom of human frailty– the human spirit is stronger than the sad destiny of human mortality.

Mac Etchu

So inspirational, so emotional, so loving, so painful. Thank you Dr. Joyce for this touching story. Its true "We do not choose our family members; this is a divine occurrence which must not be taken lightly...a sacred nature". Thank you for always being inspirational to us all.

joyce Ashuntantang

Thanks people for sharing in my grief. I think inspite of it all,the human spirit is resilient. Mola E sums it well " The human spirit is stronger than the sad destiny of human mortality"

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