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February 14, 2011


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Dr J, this is so good! I wish I'd met the one who climbed on love. After being serially brained for a number of years, I decided that as I still had all my wits about me, "braining" notwithstanding, I should approach the matter differently - by seeking my prey myself. Never looked back since.


Dr. J,
Nice piece but nothing less is expected from you, off course. Good memories too. But I must say, it did not matter how poetic the "braining" was for me in my days. It was just a total turn off as I viewed it as lions (the guys) in sheep clothing as they tried to woo you into being their "girl". I might have missed some good ones as a result but who cares. I have the best one now and a Happy Valentine it will be. May all those who are still in the "art of braining" find someone to enjoy this Valentine's day with and more kudos as they continue to perfect the art. Nice read.

Tanyi Tambe

Hey Doctor, your mind has been transformed into a poetic factory! I wonder in what sector I would be working if you employed me ;))
As a biologist (naturalist), I would draw your attention to the fact that the 'braining' process is practiced in almost all classes of the animal kingdom, some being more elaborate than others.

Good work!!!

Samuel Enoh

Doc,I strongly believe the term attributed to courting,i.e,'braining'is a misnomer in the sense that when a man approaches a woman he admires, he does all in his powers to convey the tales he thinks will fascinate and attract her to him.The intention is usually not to brainwash her into accepting what she does not know, but to buttress what he thinks she already knows and hopes for.During this process sincerity has little or nothing to say in who emerges as winner, but oratory and poetry are the determining factors.

Chris Atabong

mhmm splendid piece! One question Doc. did the guy succeed? You kept us suspended just as the guy used suspense in his "braining" art, lol. With your 87 beauty, I think you were irresistable. All the guys would have loved to "brain".

joyce Ashuntantang

Thanks for all the feedback.@ Enanga, I like your Phrase "serially brained me". I know that only too well. @ Dolly, I am with you on that, I can only appreciate it now sitting on the chair of maturity with nothing to lose! @Sam Enoh, I don't think "braining" is not synonymous to "brainwashing" but it captures the intent of the "brainer" to convince the hearer to see things from his perspective. "brainwashing" carries a negative connotation which "braining" does not uphold. @Chris Atabong, I will plead the 5th amendment on that one. Lol!

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