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March 14, 2011


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Interesting story Ma Batuo. I just wonder why the teacher couldn’t see that coming. Kids tease others for a living and that to me was foreseeable. I’ll take the teacher on her word and hope that she had no latent motive getting your son to pick first. With the wrong parent that could easily have escalated to something a lot worse. The kids never win in those scenarios. I think you handled it extremely well. I trust you. Thanks for sharing.

joyce Ashuntantang

Well, one has to be very cautious the way we react to "these things" otherwise we may end up behaving no different than the people we hope to correct. Thanks for the feedback, Bobe.

Angel Asobo

Interesting story Joyce. I thoroughly enjoyed this piece and how you dealt with the awkward moments. No one prepares you for moments like these. Reminds me of when my little one was 3 years old. Envious of her pre-k classmates bragging about their newborn siblings, she told me she wanted me to have a baby girl. When I told her that it was not that easy, she advised me to eat a lot of food and my stomach will grow big and then I wil have a baby. I was not as gracefu as you were with George. I just laughed at her and told her one day in the distant future, she will find out about having a baby. She is now 10, but the trick questions have not ceased. They are just more complicated.


Thank you for sharing your experience. I have a deeply visceral pang and internal tremble as I read this ... I came across this site looking to find information to "educate" my children's Sunday School teacher at a Methodist church we recently started attending. This will be her first session with them, as the church did not have one for the ~4-9yr age, so she sent a "Party Invitation" card (with monkeys eating bananas and swinging on branches) to my 6yr old daughter and 9yr old son! Of all the cards out there, she invited them to a Sunday School class at church with a "party invitation" card of this nature. Is this deliberately insulting? Is she just unbelievably ignorant? I don't believe I am being overly sensitive or am I?

joyce Ashuntantang

@Erica. What can one say? You will have to note it down, give a benefit of doubt and watch the space. Did all the children receive that particular card? I will tell you another experience. My first day at this church, my 8 year old went to Sunday school and the teacher was testing the kids on a memory verse he had given out the previous Sunday. Of course my son was new so he did not know it but as each kid tried to recite he picked it up and recited it making an error. At the end of the exercise- two of them did not get it right. He was the only kid of color in the room and he was new. The teacher, who was in seminary school and the pastor's son distributed candy to those who got it right and in the end gave the boy who had it wrong. The only peron who did not get anything was my son who was new and different in color. I could not believe it. To make matters worse, the teacher still had a lot of candy left. If he had to consider anyone, it will be my son who was joining the class for the first time. When I asked him about it, he could not answer why he gave the other boy who had the verse wrong and did not give my son. My guess was that he could feel the hurt in that child's face because he was human to him! This was a pastor in training and a pastor's son!! I lost faith in that church although I continued to worship there. It took me a long time to get past this, but I figured my God lives inside me and at the end it will be my personal relationship with that God which will count, and not my relationship with any impostor acting as his servant on earth!

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