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July 29, 2011


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Judith Foyabo

Thank You Dr. J. for this moving tribute, the whole narrative came to life as I read but of course without BeBe Manga. Did anyone capture this in film?

Omer Songwe

Thank you very much Joyce for this tribute to Bebe one of Cameroon's greatest musician. She was truly a mother to millions! She did not have children? She did have them... the artists she inspired and nurtured, the children who lived with her in Douala, the children who will be inspired by her in years to come! She had them all!

She went beyond the mere concept that a child is that who comes from your womb! I knew Bebe and did asked her how she will be loved to be remembered...and she told me " a humble woman!"

When I think of how short the lives of Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain, Hendrick and others who passed away at 27 was, then we Cameroonians should thank God that we had her for all these years!

If Henry Njoh is the Keeper of the Temple (Makossa) then she was one of the pearls in that temple!

We give thanks to God for her life Doc!

Omer Songwe


Great tribute!

modesta tako

excellent tribute joyce. thanks for honoring one of our own so eloquently.we're proud of you as well!!!


Thanks modesta! Bebe Manga deserves all the eloquence we can muster...


Thanks Elvis for this feedback!


Thanks Omer! Bebe Manga was indeed one of the pearls inside the temple of Makossa and we can't help but count our blessings for her 60 short years on planet earth and their impact!

joyce Ashuntantang

@Judith, Thanks for the compliment/feedback. I believe there's a video because I saw a couple of videographers but I do not know how where and how they will disseminate the footage.

Bate Bessem

You keep the Cameroon academia alive. Thumbs up! Doc.

Enow Bechem Mbuagbaw

thanks Dr Joyce for this rich tribute.i think i got my first bayang words from her song ''Band a chi chong",which is the only bayang song i can without stopping and understanding what it means.we will continue to support Batuo world for it is worth it.

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