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June 09, 2012


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Judith Foyabo

Well said Dr. J.
Still in shock, Bye-Bye Auntie Theo and may you find solace in HIS bosom. I will miss your gentle, soft-spoken, matter-of-fact, down-to-earth way of life. We could never get enough of your wisdom when you visited us in the University of Benin student estates at Ubgowo...we-eh Ashia Malafa and Ojong, what kind I say?
Deepest condolences, Judith

senge balimba

All I can say is wow. Aunty Joyce you couldn't have said this any better. I feel like I knew Dr. Mcmoli in person. May her soul rest in perfect peace. And may her family be comforted during these very very difficult times. May her soul rest in peace and may we be rest assured that she is on that chair in God's heavenly banquet

Joachim Arrey

May her soul rest in peace.

Johnnes Areeymbi

Waoh! What a loss! Of a mountainous woman! May God grant her eternal peace for ever. Manyu will forever miss you. And may the family take heart in the Lord's grace. Bye bye Prof. McMoli.

marie mcmoli

Sister Joyce
This is beautiful. Thank you.

James T. TAMBE

What a painful blow I just incurred now.
Thanks Dr. Joyce for the insight.
I also knew her well enough during my 5 years in UB.
May her soul rest in peace!

Koko Bate Agborsangaya

Thank you so much for not dwelling on her end, but focusing instead on the wonderfully fulfilling life she lived. What a great mentor for women everywhere. Aunty McMoli, may your kind, gentle soul find peace.

Ebot Sahidu Tabe

Well, aunty Joyce, I wonder where you had all these strength considering how I know the grieve you are going through...thank you for this privilege you give us to see her life in summary!

Doreen Fonju

A deserved ode indeed, Aunty Joyce! I knew Prof. McMoli first by reputation and as a kind, down-to-earth woman through a friend during my student days at UniBu.
Our people say when an old person dies a library is lost but her great work will live on for posterity. That's why have scientists et al, and poets ... like you, Aunty Joyce.
May she rest in peace.


Very sad..Though i never had the Opportunity knowing Her,As for me,"A library has been lost".May her soul Rest in Perfect peace..Thanks Sis Joyce..

Emmanuel Enohmbi

Thanks Joyce for such a wonderful portrait of a true Cameroonian icon and a mother, woman and Doctor who represents the very best of what we all aspire to be. She was an amazing, kind and gentle person who left a very positive , powerful and everlasting influence on those who were opportuned to know her. May her soul rest in perfect peace.
Emmanuel Enohmbi, MD

Vero Matehbi

May your genle soul rest in perfect peace.

Samira Edi

Thanks Joyce for the tribute and comprehensive insight into the life of a great African icon. It evokes, with an even keener sense of sadness that her life was made abrupt by the singular act of mindeless barbarity that is gradually becoming the defining national character of Cameroon.

I'm saddened on many levels. It is deeply moving for me to learn that my friends have lost their loving mama in such tragic circumstances. And again, with your eye-opening writ on some aspects of her sterling professional life, I feel as a Cameroonian that we keep losing our best, as if the nation is too careless to protect its most precious assets.

Very sad.

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