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November 18, 2012


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Wirndzerem G Barfee

Thanks for this find Dr J. Reminds me of the Nigerian soldier poet
Major-General Mamman Jiya Vatsa who "was not only a renowned poet, but
an ardent patron of the art. The Association of Nigerian Authors, ANA,
in particular, will never forget his monumental contributions to its

Read on as culled from :

Popularly known as the soldier poet, Vatsa was a rare combination of
talents; an excellent military officer, a dedicated teacher, a
children’s writer and a committed poet with a passion to promote the
art both at private and official levels. As an army officer, his rise
in status was quite phenomenal. Soon after his commissioning as an
officer in 1964, he began to progress in leaps and bounds. Through
various military training and courses within and outside the country,
including Policy and Strategic Studies, Intelligence, Security and
Equation, he ascended all the ranks of the Army to Major-General. And
this afforded him the opportunity to command some of the most
strategic aspects of the Nigerian Army. For instance, he was the
commanding officer in charge of the 21 Battalion during the Nigerian
civil war. His military exploits also afforded him the chance to
exercise his creative talent, as he was equally involved in some
academic areas of the military. In fact, he was among the few officers
who wrote academic articles about the operational strategies of war.
In recognition of his intellectual inclination he became an instructor
at the Nigerian Defence Academy after the civil war in 1970. And this
academic environment further enhanced his literary endeavour, which
actually began during his school days in Government College, Bida,
Niger State, in the early 1960s.


A military personality, a writer, a parent & a citizen who singles himself out in all his endeavours.His literary vision & professional achievements manifest an individual to be counted on especially by the other band wagon of soldiers in cameroon.

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