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March 25, 2013


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Jonas Fodje

Thank you, insightful and thorough Joyce. I am no literary intellectual but did get the essence I believe of Chinua's narative that was an eye opener for leadership in then nascent and today's Africa. Okonwo's saga to me indeed was, is till the most valid piece of advice to Africa's leaders - When Change comes to the land most of it is in new directions and not where we put our foot, mouth, hands and hope. Business as usual is wont fly. New Africa must follow the Whiteman of God, his Church, God, Religion, Culture and Business.Today change is everywhere on the continent and the message sounds still,true.Not back to business as usual else the falcon wont hear the falconer and mere anarchism will be loosed upon our world. Chinua is dead. Long live Chinua! For us still living we must find true meaning in continuing our search for meaning through culture and the arts. La luta continua. Is Things fall apart going to be a movie soon?

Atim Effiom

Excellent and insightful piece. I have never thought that there is a story everywhere and in every condition. WOW! Great questions to bring out such insightful answers.
Batuo, I'm still waiting for my female Achebe to go global. I will tell some people when I return to MN. Way to go!

Emil Mondoa

This was a great initiative, Professor Joyce Ash. I remember when you made the trip. As a photographer, I should have followed you. That is part of the chronicling. Do not forget that next time.

Neba Fuh

A great encounter with a great mind! Thanks Prof.

Che Sunday

Achebe is a purist. He sees things the way they should be, sadly, the society that was home to him came nowhere close to living up to his expectations. I read Things Fall Apart as student, and read Man of the People as a university student. I find the latter more intriguing and very prophetic. Things Fall Apart tells a story of the African Tradition losing out as it comes in touch with Europeans. This is an ongoing struggle. Look at Man of the People and see how prophetic this man was in predicting the fall of the First Republic. It was thought that he had inside information to the coup, and was briefly detained. He was so precise in predicting the collapse of the government that people were asking, could this just be literal ingenuity or a result of some inside information?Achebe has gone, but leaves behind a colossal literally image not likely to be surpassed anytime soon.
Rest in perfect peace,

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