Campus Presentations

Dr. Ash has been teaching in various colleges and Universities in the USA for 19 years and counting. She understands the life of college students and can inspire them from a variety of angles. Dr. Ash keeps it real as she focuses on varied themes including achieving academic success, first year experience, mentorship and leadership, balancing work and play, learning with enthusiasm etc. From her humble beginnings in Cameroon, Central Africa. Dr. Joyce Ash’s life story is a glowing testament that is sure to inspire students of all backgrounds.

Selected Broad Areas

Academic Lectures highlighting any aspect of African Literature/African identity/African culture
  • African Oral culture
  • The value of Stories
  • Canon formation in African literature and what it reveals
  • Introduction to African literature and African writers
  • The question of language in African literature
  • What’s literature got to do with anything?
  • Understanding Chinua Achebe, The man and the writer
  • Poetry is easy after I explain
  • Feminism: The African Context
Hybrid lectures: Academic Lectures/poetry performances celebrating
  • Black History Month
  • Black Student unions
  • Women’s History Month
  • Human Rights awareness
  • Diversity
Personal growth and leadership targeting College and university students
  • Creating enthusiasm
  • Creating balance between work and play
  • Owning the beauty inside, especially for young women
  • Achieving academic success
  • Mentoring young leaders

UHart Professor Speaks on Importance of Black History Month