“Thanks a million for directing the 50th anniversary of our parents effectively till the end” Mrs. Bessem Ojong-Orock Adeso”

I hear at least twice every month from a student in whose life you have made a terrific difference.

Walter Harisson, President, University of Hartford.

Dr. Joyce Ashuntantang delivered an inspiring, motivating, and riveting talk to my women's business group. It was scintillating. The women just loved hearing her and were blown away by her personal story and its delivery. She got a standing ovation, which had never happened before. A librarian stated "I think I have just experienced Greatness". It was truly a memorable morning spent with Dr. Joyce Ashuntantang.

Dianne Rechel, Co-Founder, West Hartford Women in Networking

Your motivational and inspirational speech today is something that truly touched our students and faculty; we are honored you shared your story, your poetry, and your passion with our school community…Your presentation today truly motivated our school community. It was important for students to hear your message, especially since you made it relevant to them by integrating the La Paz Community School Peace Practices - Self, Family, Community, World – into your talk. “Building Success from the History Within” provided a message that resonates with our multi-cultural, multi- socioeconomic, multilingual student population. Thank you for inspiring our students to find strength in their personal and cultural backgrounds, and utilize their self-identity to go out and do great things in the world. This completely aligns with our school mission and vision.

Kerry McClennen Founding Educator/Administrator La Paz community school Flamingo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

“We were very proud to have you as our keynote speaker. You captured our theme brilliantly and your own uniqueness shone through, as you made our evening very special! Feedback received from some of our guests was in agreement that your presentation, including your original poetry reading, was the highlight of their evening! Well done!”

Irene Tamanjong, President ExSSA UK

…we thoroughly enjoyed your presentation last Friday evening. Your delivery was so engaging that we lost all track of time. By any measure you are a very effective speaker and educator. We found your comments regarding “hope is a verb” especially intriguing with the examples you used to support your facts and statements.

Ambrosia Mondoa, Member, Africana 7.0 Organizing committee, Bear, Delaware

Joyce, You were fabulous! I will be in touch about a possible poet-in-residence at Hall next year. Thanks for your passion and commitment to young people.”

Elizabeth Divine, Social Studies Teacher, Hall High School, West Hartford.

“I want to thank you for taking part in our discussions on democracy in Africa…I am pleased to tell you that President Chissano [former President of the Republic of Mozambique] was so impressed by your topic, “Democracy in Africa: What has literature got to do with it?” that he mentioned your presentation during his keynote address.”

Michael Hicks, Associate Director, FOCIS Wayne State University

“I recently watched your TedX video on why you teach enthusiasm and I was truly moved. You passion for helping others find their enthusiasm and share it with the world is a refreshing thing! As someone who strives to help others become more passionate and enthusiastic in their daily lives, it is inspiring to see people like yourself that are fighting the battle. Thank you very much for your words of wisdom!”

Joshua M. Evans, Motivational Speaker and Coach

Dynamic speaker, inspiring and insightful

Sara deBeer, Storyteller and member of West Hartford Women in Networking