Public Speaking

Hire Dr. Ash! Her enthusiasm is palpable and infectious. An eloquent speaker and dynamic presence on stage, invite Dr. Ash to energize and inspire your audience.

Sample topics include:

  • Hope and Enthusiasm
  • Culture and Identity
  • Immigrant Experiences
  • Race and racism / Black History
  • Feminism/Gender

You can choose one topic or a mélange of topics/presentations. Each topic can be customized to suit your particular event, theme and audience

Selected Presentations:

Poetry reading/Workshops

Dr. Ash makes poetry come alive. May be it is more accurate to say, she performs her poetry. Invite her for a poetry reading or to spice up your event with poems suited for your event. She also organizes thematic workshops, especially for aspiring poets and non-poets.

Selected Workshops:

Art on a Mission: Creating Poems for Social Change

Are you worried about climate change, domestic violence, environmental issues, racism, children's rights, homelessness or even a problem in your life? Let your poems speak for you! In this workshop you will learn hands-on how to create

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Campus Presentations

Dr. Ash has been teaching in various colleges and Universities in the USA for 19 years and counting. She understands the life of college students and can inspire them from a variety of angles. Dr. Ash keeps it real as she focuses on varied themes including achieving academic success, first year experience, mentorship and leadership, balancing work and play, learning with enthusiasm etc. From her humble beginnings in Cameroon, Central Africa. Dr. Joyce Ash’s life story is a glowing testament that is sure to inspire students of all backgrounds.

Selected Broad Areas


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