Poetry reading/Workshops

Dr. Ash makes poetry come alive. May be it is more accurate to say, she performs her poetry. Invite her for a poetry reading or to spice up your event with poems suited for your event. She also organizes thematic workshops, especially for aspiring poets and non-poets.

Selected Workshops:

Art on a Mission: Creating Poems for Social Change

Are you worried about climate change, domestic violence, environmental issues, racism, children’s rights, homelessness or even a problem in your life? Let your poems speak for you! In this workshop you will learn hands-on how to create beautiful poems that would not only help you to engage with your topic, but would also challenge readers to think critically about it and even encourage them to take action.

Hartford Loves Poetry Finale

Jabulani (Joyce Ashuntantang, Camerún)



A Tribute to Dr. Bate Besong

A Tribute to Thomas Kwasen Gwan’gwaa

Joyce Ashuntantang performing her poetry collection: “A Basket of Flaming Ashes”

Joyce Ashuntantang’s performance of “A Basket of Flaming Ashes” and book signing

Lady Of The Morning-A Poem