For Junction Here: A Poem in Cameroon Pidgin English

By © Joyce Ashuntantang

Anytime I shidon for this place
All ting wey I di see na ya face
Na for dis junction I be used to see
ya heart; As I be want make we be

You no be ever gree me I touch
Ya own tightit be too much
I go beg; look you with water for my eye
Tell you say all ting na for try

But for this junction you no be fit pretend
Na for this place we be di end
You take ya own road go; I waka go my own
Na for this place; this very place

That time your eye di remain for down
Ya right hand di play with ya gown
Ya one foot di dig dust; way for go no dey
Ya body di weak; ya heart want stay

Today, Junction off license na ma place
Every night I di buy one man cold ma heart
People no know say no bi mimbo I come drink
Na so-so you di still bring me, for junction here!

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